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A personal tarot reading can last  anywhere between 30 minutes, to over an hour, depending on the information coming through for the client. Personal messages begin coming through the energy Sara Rose connects to with the card deck, followed by intuitive messages for the client as well. These messages are downloaded to Sara Rose through her own personal spirit guides, then interoperated to the client in a way that they can be understood. Sara Rose works closely with the energy around her, mostly receiving messages via energy waves, and images through clairvoyantly where she will then translate this into words for the client. She will receive messages that are most needed at the time for the clients higher good. These messages can be about the clients wellbeing and health, or even messages from loved one's or accessors who have passed on to a higher realm of consciousness. This service is $40.00 CD and can be booked with Sara Rose here on her website through the "BOOK ONLINE" tab at the top. Or through her contact information provided on this website. Readings can be done via in person, online video chat, or by phone call. Group readings are available as well. Please contact for more information about group sessions. Book your reading today!


Reiki healing sessions are one on one and done in private to give the client a peaceful and relaxing environment. These healing sessions are for detecting any energy inside the physical body that might be blocked or stagnant. A reiki healer uses the energy of the universe as apposed to their own energy, to move the clients personal energy through the body, and clears any blockages the client may have developed. These blockages can be created by stress, anxiety, depression, other people, their environment, and much more. As humans, we all have energy points in which run through our bodies, starting at the very base of the spine, then all the way up to the tops of our heads. Each has a name, and a prepose, holding different vibrations of energy. These energy points can sometimes be the reason we become ill, stressed, or even feel overwhelmed. Having a reiki healer check for blockages or slow moving energy does not hurt whatsoever. In fact, it feels quite good, and most people report feeling as if a weight has been lifted straight after a session. These healing session may include healing crystals, sound bowls and other techniques to help get the energy flowing the way it should be in a healthy body. Reiki healings can be performed as many times as the client wishes. You can't overdoes on reiki energy! Most session with Sara Rose will last 40 minutes to an hour, and this service is $40.00 CD. Reiki healings are only performed in person, and can be done by touching the client, or hovering the hands inches above. This is a choice the client can make while booking an appointment. Reiki healing session can be booked here on this website, or through the contact info provided!


Spiritual coaching sessions are for clients who are in seek of a new way of life. Sara Rose is a certified spiritual coach, and her goal is to provide her clients with the proper tools to make significant changes in their lives. Spiritual coaching can help clients who suffer from depression, anxiety, mental illnesses, ADHD, social anxiety, and lack of inspiration. Sara Rose can also help clients through spiritual coaching to end repeating cycles of toxic behaviors, such as: Smoking, drinking, drug use, toxic people, toxic relationships, and even toxic thinking habits that could be potentially holding back the client from thriving in their best way possible, and living a life in which they are following their soul's passions. Most people don't even realize that they have been living in a repeating circle of their own ego thinking mind. Sara Rose can help open up pathways and potentials that the client may not have known was an option, and she possesses a beautiful gift when performing this! Coaching session are performed without any judgement, ridicule, or negative energies, because of sara Rose's gift to see the clients soul inside, rather than the character in which the ego thinking mind has created on the outside of the client. Spiritual coaching can also help clients who might think they are experiencing a spiritual awakening, and they are unsure of what to do about it! These sessions are an hour long, and can be performed via phone call, video call, or in person, and this service is $40.00/hr. CD

Spiritual coaching cannot be done in one session. This will take time and a commitment, meeting with coach Sara Rose once a week, and will last until the client is satisfied and ready to move on with the tools they have been given all on their own! These sessions can be booked here on the website, or through the contact info provided. 

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