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Om Pose

Sara Rose began her own spiritual journey in 2017. Not knowing exactly what was happening to her, Sara thought her life was falling apart. Taking some much needed time on her own, her journey began to make sense and became clear as she sat atop a mountain in British Columbia, Canada. Or so she thought! Some things became clear, but she was unaware that there were many stages to a spiritual awakening, and there were many aspects of herself that she still needed to learn and understand. After meeting some like-minded friends, she finally began to understand, and developed an inner knowing of her spiritual gifts and the path that the universe wanted to see her walking down. This inner knowing led her to reading and connecting with the tarot card deck, then receiving important messages from spirit and her own guides. Now, Sara Rose has helped many people struggling with their own spiritual journey, and has delivered messages from client's loved one's who have passed on, giving them clarity and peace. Over the years of expanding and learning, Sara Rose has added to her spiritual practice, becoming a Reiki healer, hosting meditation classes, and creating spiritual workshops to teach others the tools needed to expand their own consciousness. Sara Rose believes that understanding our own spiritual journey is the key to success and inner peace, creating a healthy and happy life for each client.    

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