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By Sara Rose

It is absolutely uncanny how closely we resemble everything around us in nature. How the roots of a tree resemble the human nervous system. The veins in a leaf resemble the veins that run through our body. Or how the human eye looks just like a galaxy somewhere out in the universe. And, all nature on this planet, including us humans, are driven by the five elements. When talking about the elements, most people might think of the regular four: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The fifth is God. Or, spirit, or the soul. The fifth element is YOU! And YOU need the other elements to compliment you as a spiritual being. Let me explain. We will start with Earth. This element is what drives the human side of the spiritual being. The earth can make us feel grounded, present in a moment, make us feel safe, show us beautiful sights, teach us how to be still, and speak to us in a language our soul can understand. The earth feeds us the food we need and provides medicine in the plants that thrive here on this planet. Fire has been man’s best friend since the beginning. Well, besides the canine. It warms us, feeds us, and is the passion in the center of our hearts that fuels what we love. The earth needs fire, or the sun, in order for life to continue and thrive on this planet. Without the sun, the planet would quickly die. Earth needs fire. Fire can also come from the sky, striking down as lightning, and damaging entire forests. Most would say this is devastating, but have you ever seen the forest once the fire is finished its handy work? New life will grow. Stronger, greener, lusher, and thicker than before. We are also taught to believe that the smoke from forest fires will damage our ecosystem in some way, but this is not entirely true. The smoke carries particles from the greenery that help mend our geomagnetic field when they interact with the suns particles. There is a reason natural disasters are called “natural” It’s kind of weird to view it in this sense, but we need forest fires just as much as we need volcanos, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. This is our earth doing what is natural, just as you would do things that are natural to a human: breathe, stretch your body, feel your heart beating, and even though we can’t see it, our blood moves through our veins. The earth needs space to move as well, which we see as natural disasters. But I see them as nature at its finest. Ever watch a thunderstorm? Nature’s own firework show.

Next in line would be water. Many people don’t realize just how important water is, and the enormous role it plays in nature, and in the reality around us. Did you know water has memory? It is true. Water actually has a better memory than we do, and it is all knowing. Water is just as much alive as you and I are, and it knows when it is being miss treated. Studies have shown the profound way water will react in certain circumstances. A group of Harvard students put water to the test by filling three different jars. The first jar was put in a room with people who only spoke negative affirmations and thoughts towards the jar of water. The second jar was placed in a room where people only spoke positive affirmations and thoughts to encourage the water. The third jar was placed in a room all by itself with the lights off and had no interaction with people. After a few days, a sample was taken from each jar to have a look at them under a microscope. The water droplet that was in the positive room had grown a beautiful pattern of crystals, looking somewhat like a snowflake. The water droplet that was in the negative room didn’t form any crystals at all, and the droplet that was ignored took on a completely different form like looked more like a circle, rather than the snowflake shape its meant to have. A similar experiment was done using jars of water with rice poured into them. The positive rice jar fermented nicely with a pleasant aroma. The negative rice jar turned a black colour and didn’t smell nice at all. And the rice jar that was left all alone started to rot and grow mold. Again, something similar was conducted by a church. The church sent one jar of water the highest of prayers, while another got more negative talk. The difference between the two under a microscope was incredible. This is how the churches understand holy water, and how to use it in a positive manner. Water knows all, and it knows what we are doing to it when we miss treat it. It knows its natural state, and that we are not allowing it to run in that state. The natural state of water is in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams that run down mountains in a natural way. We as humans have taken this away from water. In large cities we have built piping systems that can deliver water to every apartment in a skyscraper, into the next building, and the next, then to thousands of housing developments, forcing water to go where we say it should go. It gets pushed and forced through twists and turns that are highly unnatural to its original state, ultimately making the water unhappy. If you live in a large city and you were able to do your own test under a microscope, you will see that the water you’re drinking from your tap is dead, or close to being dead, with no natural crystal forming at all. This is due to the forcing of direction, but also the way in which we clean the water at the water treatment plants. There, it gets miss treated with more forcing, then soaked in a high dose of chemicals to clean it for drinking. But this process is literally killing the water, and the water you drink will highly impact you and the elements you’re made up of. The human body is 60-70% water. This is even higher in newborns and small children, around 90%. The water you’re drinking and taking into your body can interact with the water inside your body. In a sense, the two water sources will talk to each other, and can decide on the health state of your body. For instance, if you’re drinking water from a highly populated city (dead water) it could have a negative reaction to your system, resulting in low energy, fatigue, negative emotions, and illnesses. Viruses such as the common cold and flu will find your system much more venerable when in this state. Bet you didn’t know water could do all that! I have a very high respect and entirely new outlook on water. It is a living organism, and it is our friend. We need it to live, and we should treat it much better than we do. Next time you grab a glass of water, tell it how important it is, and show it some love! The fourth element is air. This is an element that I personally resonate with. We need air to breathe, and all other elements would be lost without it. Air moves earth, feeds fire, and can lead water to where it needs to go.

Air is the most mysterious of the elements, since we cannot see it, taste it, or smell it. But we can certainly feel it. And if we allow it, air will communicate with us in many other ways using the nature around us. When the wind blows through the trees, or a tornado rips through a town, and drives the waves in a raging sea. It can speak, if you dare to listen. The air will alert birds and other wildlife if danger is coming, such as a storm, and if they will need to take cover. The winds can carry seeds from plants and trees to new parts of the earth, where the soil may be rich and healthy for growth. The air is so strong that it will carry oxygen across the seas from the great rainforests for us to breathe, and it will also carry minerals from deserts on the other side of the earth from us, dropping the minerals into the oceans for the strengthening of the underwater ecosystem to thrive! All elements need each other in order to function as a whole, and that includes the fifth element. Now, you might be thinking of that old movie from the 90’s with Bruce Willis, and you wouldn’t be too far off! The fifth element is you. It’s me, and it’s every living being on this planet that emanates energy. It is God, it is spirit, and soul. It is our connection back to the stars and the universe. The fifth element is the God particle that resides in every single one of us, and it has been there since the beginning of mankind. This is the element that can use all other elements as tools, inside and outside of us. We are made up of earth, fire, water, and air, so we should be able to use these to benefit us, right? Well, we can. You can incorporate the elements in your daily meditations, cleansings, rituals, and affirmations. We are nature and all of the elements would be honoured and feel loved if you paid attention and respect to them, especially the soul! Earth is extremely grounding and can make us feel safe. A great way to incorporate earth into our reality is to use healing crystals in your meditations, or even have them around the house. Same for house plants. Fire can be used in rituals for releasing negative emotions, meditations, and opening certain chakras. Water is great for cleansing your energy. This can be done with a sea salt bath, or even in a river or stream, and the ocean if you live close. Air can be respected by feeling it. Allow the wind to blow through your hair, whisper in your ear, or watch it carry a feather away in a releasing ritual.  Or, even a lantern releasing. We are all nature, but some of us may have forgotten this. Once you remember, and understand, then you can have a deep inner standing of the elements and how to use them in your own reality. Using the fifth element, well that’s a whole other newsletter for next time! Earth needs fire, water, air, and spirit. And vice versa for all of the elements. We need them all, and all of them need us. I hope this article will benefit in a positive way and help bring out a new appreciation and understanding for each element, including the soul. Next time you meditate, or perform any kind of ritual, try adding in some elements. You’d be surprised how much they actually want to help! Bye for now, beautiful souls!

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