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BY Sara Rose

What does it mean to walk a lonely path? A lonely man’s path is one in which will look much different than the rest of society. This can be something we wholeheartedly choose, or sometimes the universe or spirit will put us on a path as such. This will be your own personal journey, and although others might walk with you at times, you’re generally on your own. When I say on your own, I don’t necessarily mean that you will always be by yourself. What this means is you will most likely feel as if the other people around you don’t fully understand you. One who walks the less travelled path is usually one who seeks answers in which only they can find on their own. Of course, there are lessons along the way, and other people will come and go, and in some cases, people might even stay, but ultimately, you feel as if you’re alone. The people who walk this path are normally awake to the reality around them. They can see the world for what it really is, and the matrix has been revealed. These are people that I like to refer to as “the awakened” they understand how the universe works and don’t even know how they know. They might begin to open up to the natural gifts we all have lying dormant inside us, such as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and so on. 

Following what some call, “the spiritual path” basically means to follow one’s heart and soul. We are always being nudged by the universe or shown signs and synchronicities from spirit and our own personal spirit guides, but most people don’t even know the signs are there. The people who do start to see, hear, or receive what is sometimes called “downloads” begin to think in a way that is different from what we call normal society. Most people’s thoughts are created from fear-based thinking, so the average persons thoughts will consist of the past, the future, gossip, how they look, how much money they make, or didn’t make, basically everything and anything that will distract the person from the real reason of being here on earth. Your purpose here is not to work to pay taxes to the government your entire life, then die. We are meant to experience all that we can and learn everything we can. Humans cannot do this to their fullest potential when they are consumed by material items like money, idols, possessions, addictions, television, and so much more. When we choose to walk the path less travelled, these things are no longer a focus, and the thinking process shifts from fear to acceptance. The reason it is called the path less travelled is because there are not many people who have shifted in this awakened way yet. Although, there are more and more people becoming aware of their own consciousness all the time. We are living in a time where this is now essential to the rise in consciousness for all, but it is also difficult to find like minded people. The internet makes it much easier to find people who are on the same vibration, however, most aware, or awake people don’t consume there time with social media.

This lonesome path is for reflecting and finding oneself, and our true path. Being aware can be lonely only because others in our reality can’t understand the shift that has happened within the mind, so they will usually walk away, finding that the relationship has nothing in common. Sometimes this can leave the awakened one feeling as if they are the problem, or even going crazy because they no longer fit in with their friends, family, or literally anyone in regular society. When I went through what is called an “awakening” and my mind began to shift, I had to say goodbye to many people who were once a part of my personal reality, because they no longer served as a positive asset to my higher self, or soul. Our soul has come here on a certain mission, having an entire plan worked out before we were even conceived, the struggle is to remember why you are here in the first place. When we go through what is called a spiritual awakening, we then begin to remember why we’re here. This remembrance will come to us through messages, signs, and a deep knowing within the heart and soul. After I personally had become aware that my soul had reasoning, the path became more and more clear to me, and I eventually realized that I’m here to help others heal. That is what led me to becoming a spiritual coach. The title, in my opinion doesn’t matter, but the teachings themselves are what can potentially help others to understand their own path. Maybe you are here to teach, heal, help, love, give, or be a guide to others in a way. Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. What some people fail to remember, is that you’re always loved by ancestors watching and cheering you on. You have spirit guides who help you through every step of life, and your higher self is always listening, and will answer if you are listening in return.

Walking this path is an opportunity to go within and find yourself, learn your weaknesses and make them strengths, to face your own darkness and bring it into the light, and to grow and ascend as human, but mostly in soul. If we cannot be alone, then we might not think too highly of the one person we should care about and love the most. You. You’re the only one who can walk this path, you are the only one who can guide you to the end of the path, and you are the only one who will ever fully understand why you chose to walk this path in the first place. You don’t need others to walk it for you, or even walk with you. You will quickly learn this as soon as you accept the path and open your heart and soul to why you’re here. You don’t always need to know exactly where the path is going, but you need to accept and trust that it is the right path for you and your highest good, even if no one else is walking the same way. So, yes, it can be lonely, but only if you label it as so. Try using this time to go within. The more we learn to go within, the more we learn about ourselves. The answers are in there, you just need to find them on your own. If you’re in search of like-minded people, I will leave a link to my Facebook group where you can join in conversations that touch on these topics and more, and my TikTok account where many people get together to voice their opinions on these matters. I hope this article could be of some help or was at least an enjoyable read. Until next time, stay safe, stay true, and don’t forget to smile.

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