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The Healthy Choice

By Sara Rose

I’m quite sure that everyone knows which foods are more healthy than others, and why it is important to choose these foods over some, but did you know that the food you eat also has energy just as you do?! The foods we ingest have a certain vibration, and some are higher, and some are lower in vibration, just like our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Higher vibrational foods are the more positive foods for your body, giving you the energy needed to have a well-balanced, uplifting, and successful day. Just as the sun provides energy to our plant life, our plant life can then transfer that high energy to us by consuming it. Lower vibrational foods have little to no energy within them, and can cause us to feel weak, tired, and even ill throughout the day. These foods can create digestion issues, headaches, muscle pain and create what I call a “couch potato” which can lead to even worse issues. Low vibrational foods can make you want to lie around, and participate in little to no activity, which can lead to overthinking, anxiety, depression and even overindulging in useless activities such as television.  Higher vibrational foods will give us the energy needed for a happy and healthy day, and lifestyle. The concept of low and high vibrational food works just the same as positive and negative thoughts and actions. If low vibing foods will make you feel sluggish and put you in a negative state of mind, then of course high vibing foods will do the opposite! High vibing foods can in fact put you in a higher vibrational state of being and state of mind. Have you ever heard the expression “brain power food”? This is very true. High vibing foods will help you focus better, keep the ego from directing the mind to negative thoughts, nourish the body properly, and help the soul grow. Mind. Body. Soul. All working in a balanced operation to keep you sharp and motivated. I personally believe that this should be taught in our school systems, and I don’t mean the “Canadian food guide” I mean, children should learn from an early age how to produce their own foods by gardening.

So, what is high vibrational foods, and what is low vibrational, and why? You’ve most likely guessed what some of the high vibing foods are already, which is fruits and vegetables. But do you know why? It’s not only because these foods are obviously good for you, but there is a reason these are high vibrational. The foods in which are grown, are grown from the element of Earth, nourished by the sun (fire), quenched by water, and send necessary minerals to flourish, by air. Meaning, these plants are highly charged by natural energy! When we as humans ingest these foods, we take on the highly charged energies, providing our mind, body, and soul everything needed to have a completely balanced day. This is, of course, not limited to only fruits and vegetables. The same concept works just as well with different meats we consume, nuts, rice, herbs, wheats, eggs, ocean life, and even right down to the water we drink. High vibrational foods and water can also be called “Alkaline” Meaning, natural. Alkaline water comes from natural sources such as well water, rivers, and streams. This water is Alkaline because it runs over natural minerals and rocks from the Earth that we need in our systems. When water has been put through multiple rounds of chemicals and then forced back out into the city, it is no longer natural and has become what we call “dead water” This is the same for the foods you are ingesting. When we grow our food in the earth, it is all natural. But what happens to a lot of our food after that is what makes it then “dead food” or low vibrational foods. The food then becomes what I personally like to call “government-controlled foods” Yes, farmers plant these foods, and take care of the livestock. However, the “farming” concept has drastically changed over the years and has been so massed produced to keep consumers coming back to supermarkets that the entire point of growing our own food has been lost. I mean, unless you use small roadside markets in the summer to buy your veggies. But 90% of the population in North America will head to a grocery store, unaware of exactly what they are buying. Let’s start with the fruits in the stores first for example. They are mass grown on a farm, most of the time in nearby countries because society says we are unable to sustain these foods throughout Canada’s winters. I’ll get back to this and why I say, “society says” Then the fruits are sprayed with a variety of chemicals to be sure bugs in these areas do not tarnish the foods. Then they are sprayed with another chemical that helps keep the fruit looking firm on the outside. (this is illegal in most parts of Canada, but most of our produce comes from out of country) After going through months of these unnatural sprays, the fruit is then picked and crated in boxes to be shipped out to where it needs to go. This shipping process can take up to three or four weeks, depending on how far it goes. It will then make it to the grocery store, and sit in the back where it was unloaded for another few days or even a week before it is displayed where customers can buy it. Have you ever purchased, let’s say, a container of strawberries, and then within a day or two the fruit is gone bad? That’s because it took about two months to get to your fridge. Last year my garden produced about six quarts of strawberries, and the fruit was able to sit on my counter for days, and in the fridge for weeks without going bad or molding. This was because the fruit didn’t have the travel time, but it also wasn’t constantly sprayed with chemicals. We all know what certain chemicals can do to our skin if we touch it, imagine what they can do to your insides by ingesting them! It’s no wonder why the fruit will go bad or die.

This is exactly the same when it comes to any other fruits, vegetables, wheats, and even the meat we eat. Nowadays, our meat sources are also mass produced. I’m not saying the farmers are not caring for the animals properly, I have even seen a well-kept cattle farm and I was impressed by the new technology that controls the fancy barns. However, that was the problem, the cows were kept inside the new aged barn system at all times. This barn could control the temperature, feed the animals, and even clean up after them. But, where were the cows getting the natural energy from? They weren’t. They did not go outside to lie in the sun, they did not get fresh water from a natural source, and they did not eat grain or grass from a natural source. Meaning, the beef we consume 90 % of the time is “dead meat”. It has little to no energy left, especially after the butcher process. The cows seem happy, but how could they be if they didn’t get to go outside in nature, where they are originally from? And, if the cows are left in a low vibrational state of being from having been taken away from what they know, then you can only imagine how low vibrational that meat is when we as humans consume it. I used cows as an example, but it is the same concept for any type of meat you choose to eat, this is just how it is now. This goes the same for the eggs we buy in store. Again, in large operations, the chickens are mass produced, made to stay inside, and lay eggs for consumers to buy in store. And, again, these eggs are at least three months old buy the time you grab a carton in the grocery stores. Again, meaning this is mostly “dead food” Everything that was once good and nutritious for us has been bleached away. Yes, I just said bleached. Eggs will also go through a long process before you put them in a frying pan, and one step is being put through machines that will bleach and clean the eggs, ultimately leaving no energy life left. These mass productions are regulated and controlled by our government, and farmers cannot sell their product without going through these regulations. It is actually illegal for farmers to sell in large store chains without being under the control of the government. Small markets and food stands are not usually bothered by these regulations because the majority of the population will go to a large food chain. Multiple studies have clearly shown that the food we are ingesting from the large food chains cause many illnesses such as: stomach ulcers, bladder infections, kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart problems, high blood pressure, and even cancers. And, I’ve only touched on farming foods slightly. There is even worse issues when we get into packaged foods with a high amount of chemicals and preservatives, and I’m not even going to bother touching on fast food restaurants and how horrible these foods are for the body. Foods that are packaged in a plant are not even low vibrational foods, they are simply “dead” before they even had a chance. Small experiments have been performed many times when it comes to preservatives, especially using bread that is sold in stores by certain companies, which I don’t think I’m allowed to say 😉 but you will probably get the idea! You can even test this yourself. If your bread can sit in a bag on the counter for weeks, and I mean weeks, at a time without growing mold, then we have a serious problem here. If I were to make fresh bread from scratch, it would start to grow mold (which is not even bad for you BTW) within a day or two. The bread that we buy in store can last for weeks, because of the amount of preservatives that were added during the processing time, and bleach is also added to this bread.

No wonder so many people are getting sick. Then when we are sick, where do we go? The doctor. And what does the doctor do? They write you a prescription to a medication that comes from a big pharmaceutical company. How convenient, don’t you think? For anyone who doesn’t know, the pharmaceutical companies are also regulated and controlled by the government. And doctors are paid by the government. I suppose that’s an article all on its own for another time. In conclusion, the foods we have been eating all along are “dead foods” any natural energies that were once there, have been taken away by chemicals, unnatural states, and mass production. Canada has the resources to grow food all year around, even in the winter, by using green houses. I have also had the privilege of witnessing this mid-winter. But, these green houses that are operational during the cold months are also controlled by our government and are not allowed to sell produce at this time. It is again mass produced and then kept inside to ship to other countries around us. That’s unfortunate for us. However, we can do this ourselves. Now, I know it is difficult to be sure everything we are eating is high vibration, but it is not impossible. You can simply grow your own food. My own garden last year produced enough food to freeze over the winter and last until I plant again this May. I know many people don’t have the space or resources to do this, however, there are other alternatives. During the summer months there are many roadside markets selling fresh, non-chemical foods, where you can buy in bulk and freeze over the winter. These are small local farms who are still trying to do this in a natural way. Many of them will even have fresh meats as well, which can also be frozen. And, this is much cheaper than what we see in large store chains, especially nowadays! The only problem is this is not as convenient as running to the store down the road, you will need to find these places and find one that works best for your personal needs. But once you do, you will not regret it! High vibrational foods work so well with our bodies, that it is difficult to not see the difference within just weeks of this change. There are many other alternatives as well, such as: local gardens you can participate in, sharing land with a friend or neighbour, using a small family-owned butcher for meat, and finding fresh eggs. When it comes to our meat, there are other alternatives as well. Some small butchers will charge more than the price of the meat on the shelves in stores, however, it is much more fresh from the butcher. Usually as fresh as the same day, and it is prepared differently than large factories who prepare and package meat. Again, this is a long process, and by the time you get it in store, it has been weeks from when the meat was first cut. Meaning, anything nutritious that was once there, has become “dead food” In other cultures and religions, they recognize that we can’t always find fresh cuts easily, so there are certain rituals that can be done before consuming meat. The Jewish will only eat kosher meat. Muslims only eat Halal meat, which is cut a certain way, then blessed with prayer before consuming. It is actually more common now to find Halal meat, since there is now an association who perform the blessings. These are generally performed within these religions, however, you too can give food a quick blessing to the food you eat, and water you drink, showing respect for the being or plant that it was. Remember, your body is your temple, and it is the only one you have in this lifetime. Taking better care of your body and what goes in it, is taking better care of your mind, and soul as well. Mind. Body. Soul. Hope you enjoyed this article, and until next time, stay safe, stay true and smile!

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