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We all know how important water is for the health and survival of every plant and being on this planet. Without water, we simply wouldn’t exist here on earth, and earth would parish without it as well. Our physical bodies are 65-70 % water, and we need to drink it to keep ourselves in great health, allowing the flow of water to consume our vital organs. But did you know that water has memory? Actually, water has better memory than we do. Water also knows how we as humans miss treat it? Water is a living organism, and it holds all the secrets of what we call time within it. Water wants to flow in its natural state: rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. Humans have taken that natural process away from water, and in return, water will become stagnant. When water become a stagnant state, it will no longer provide us the nutrition we need in our physical human bodies. Allow me to explain. Just as humans are more comfortable flowing in a natural state, or doing what we love and are passionate about, water strives for this feeling as well. When we build large cities, with multiple high rise buildings, and highly populated suburban areas, we then must force water to travel through miles of piping that has unnatural twists and turns, taking away the natural flow state. All of this is after being put through an intense cleansing of highly toxic chemicals at a water treatment plant. No wonder water doesn’t respect us. We do not respect water. Harvard university conducted an interesting experiment with water, and the results were profound. A group of students filled three jars with water. Jar number one was placed in a room where the students took the time to speak to the jar of water with positive affirmations, supporting the water, and telling it how wonderful it is. The second jar was placed in a room where the students only spoke negatively to the water. And the third jar was placed in a room and ignored. This was repeated for a few days, then small samples were taken to observe the water from each jar under a microscope. The first jar that was surrounded by positive affirmations had formed itself into a shape that resembled a snowflake, growing beautiful crystal formations outward. (This is how water droplets react to the frequency around them) The second jar sample from the room with negative affirmations showed no sign of crystal formations, and even appeared to be still, as if it was dead. The third jar that was left all alone and neglected, had formed into a circle shape, also showing no signs of crystal formation. A similar experiment was conducted in a lab in Japan, but using rice. The scientist filled the first jar a quarter of the way with rice, then the rest with water. He repeated this using three jars the same as the first experiment. The first jar was again put in a room where it was only exposed to positive speaking and thoughts. The second was put in a room where it was only exposed to negative words and thoughts, and the third was left all alone again. The first jar of rice began to ferment nicely, letting of a sweet aroma. The second jar with the negative words began to turn black and started to rot, and the third jar began to mold and turn black as well. Another experiment was done with jars of water in a church where the jar was only exposed to positive words and prayers, and the results under a microscope were uncanny! The water from the church had formed more crystals then any jars from the other two experiments. This is where holy water comes from. The water is so positive and vibrant that it can literally heal a person. When water forms these crystals it means it is very much alive and is thriving in health. Studies have shown that water in which is being forced through pipes for miles to large cities, and is shoved through sudden twists, turns and small spaces, appears to be completely stagnant, or dead, under a microscope. There is no sigh of crystal formations, and no amount of positive affirmations could bring it back to life. The water is dead, and then this is what most people are drinking. Bottled water is similar. It shows no sign of crystals. Most brands of bottled water says it is all natural spring water, but I’m sorry to say, this is just not true. Studies also showed that when given the option, any animal will choose natural water from a stream over tap water from a city. Water holds a tremendous about of energy, and acts as the medium between all living beings and source. Or the universe, spirit, or God. This is all the same energy, different names. Our thoughts, actions and spoken words are also energy in which we release into the universe, and water is the recorder. Water can remember every vibration of frequency ever emitted by everyone, there for it knows what we are thinking, and it knows how we treat it. Water can heal if you allow it. Another study was done at science labs in the U.S, where a small blood sample was taken from multiple volunteers. The red blood cells under a microscope were stagnant, or slow moving, showing little to almost no activity. One cannot feel this happening, but these conditions can lead to heart disease, blood presser issues, and even clogged arteries. These blood samples were from people who were drinking water from a large city source. The same people were then asked to drink alkaline water for five days, before returning for testing again. Can you guess the results? Unbelievable! Of course, the change in water source made a huge difference and it seemed the water was slowly but surely healing the red blood cells. Now, that being said, I know many people cannot help the water source they are given, since many people do live in large cities. However, just like in the few experiments explained in the beginning of this article, you can talk to your water. Many religions will actually say a prayer to the food and water before they begin to eat and drink. The food you consume is mostly made of water, you are mostly made of water, so it only makes sense to treat the water you’re consuming with a bit of love. Try saying a quick prayer or talking positively to your water before you drink it. Thank it for the nourishment it is providing, and you would be surprised how great you begin to feel after a few days. Water is one of our most important elements, and all other elements would parish without it. Not only does it give us what we need to replenish, but it also cleanses the body and energy field. Have you ever had a rough day at work, then went home and a shower made you feel much better? If you answered yes, that’s because water has healing properties. If you are an empath, feeling the heaviness of other people’s energy, you can try taking a salt water bath. Water will cleanse the negative energies away, and heal the emotions you’re feeling. After all, water represents our emotions very much. It represents a natural flow in life, and can help balance out the energy centers in the body. (The chakra system) Water is a spirit, a God all on its own. In 2019 Israel was going on its third month drought. The people were desperate for water, so many gathered at the Weeping Wall, to pray for rain. They continued the prayers, and on the third day, the heavens released a down pour like you wouldn’t believe. Some say this was coincidence, but I say it was the respect and love that the people were sending out into the universe that encouraged the rain to come. Water can destroy, create, heal, and can be a force of nature, clearly seen in the raging oceans. Water is life, and deserves more respect from mankind than we give it. If water is life, and we are water, should we not treat water better them we have been? Something to think about. Here is a link to some cleansing ideas!

The moon resonates closely with water, since both can represent our emotions, and femineity. On March 25th, 2024, there will be a moon eclipse. A moon eclipse is great for releasing negative energies or anything toxic you may be holding on to. Rituals can be done under the eclipse moon, calling on moon goddesses to ask for help to release and cleanse your energy. On Monday March 25th, I will be performing a ritual to release any negative or conditioned thoughts I might have about water. If anyone would like to try this as well, here is what you will need: jar, or glass of water. (No plastic) 4 white candles, a crystal that resonates with the water element (Aquamarine, blue fluorite, lapis lazuli, ocean jasper, moonstone, clear quartz) I would highly recommend any one of these, along with a moonstone. A piece of paper, pen or pencil, incense that resonates with the water element (aloeswood, sandalwood, vanilla, myrrh, musk seed, tonka bean) You can, of course, add anything else you would like! Once you have all your ingredients, it is best to find a quite place where you will not be interrupted. If you can sit near water, such as a river, stream, lake, or ocean, this would be great, but not necessary. Sitting comfortably on the ground, place the white candles in accordance with the four corners. East, West, North, South. Place the jar of water, the crystal, the incense, paper, and pen in front of you. As you light each candle, call on your spirit guides and ask them to be there with you. Once you place the crystals where you’d like, light the incense, and ask for the moon goddess of your choice to bless the ritual, and be there as you release. Use the paper and pen to write down what you would like to release, then place it in front of you. If you use music to meditate, I suggest water sounds for this one. You can use a prayer that resonates with you, or you can use mine.

“As the Earth slowly covers the Moon, my words, thoughts, and actions are all in tune. I call on the moon goddesses, and the spirit of water to wash away negative thoughts, words, or actions I hold for others, and the elements around me that I may have forsaken. I release what no longer serves me, and cleanse myself from negativity with the spirit of water. So mote it be”

After repeating this chant as much as you’d like, use the jar of water in front of you to cleanse your hands, and you can even place some on your face. Use the candle placed in front of you to burn the paper with what you’d like to release written on it. You can also bring along a journal to write down your personal experience. Enjoy!

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