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What is a spiritual awakening. By Sara Rose, spiritual coach.

Some of you may have already heard of the term “spiritual awakening” or “spiritual enlightenment.” This concept has become more and more popular within the last couple of decades, and seems to have become quite the trend in today’s society. This is a good thing; this is what all the lightworkers, spiritual teachers, and healers love to see. The more people who can expand and awaken, the higher we rise together in consciousness as a whole. However, there might be a misunderstanding of exactly what an awakening means. A spiritual awakening will feel, and look much different for each and every one of us, but the goal is the same. Many paths, one destination. The rising in consciousness. What does that mean? Well, many people might explain this in different ways, and that’s okay as long as you as the one receiving the explanation understands. Or, I should say inner stand, because an awakening cannot be thought of by the human or ego thinking mind. Expansion is felt inside as the soul becomes aware, and the ego begins to release old, outdated, and/or toxic patterns. There are many stages to an awakening, and none of them are in any particular order, and some will also repeat over and over until you understand what the soul is trying to tell you. If you were to Google “spiritual awakening” you will find a variety of information, and some articles will even give you a list of “stages” of an awakening, insisting that the said stages need to go in order. I’m not saying this is bad information, just simply that every one of us is uniquely different, and our experiences will occur in a way that represents our own reality, and our own soul’s path. Normally, said from many who have researched, and from my own research on the subject, a spiritual awakening can occur when one has experienced something in their life in which we call traumatic. This could be the devastating end of a long term marriage, the loss of a close loved one, a near death situation, or hitting what is called “rock bottom” when we feel as if we have lost everything that we held dearly to us. The soul, or higher self, will then step in to connect you to spirit and the collective consciousness. When I say spirit, I’m talking about the creator in a whole. To you, this might be God, the universe, or source. When I say the collective, this is the “ALL”. Everything is connected. You, me, the next person, the trees, the plants, the animals, the water, the rocks, and so on. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. The point is, you are me, I am you, and we are one. We all came from the same place. I like to use the analogy that the universe is one big ocean, and we are all tiny little droplets that come from the same source. We are celestial beings (souls) having a human experience for a short time. This is something that you will come to understand, or, inner stand, quite well when you begin to ascend, or experience an awakening. Why do we call it an awakening if we are awake? Well, because you’re not. Most people go about their day in the same manner as the last, not putting much thought into why we are actually here in the first place. When your own consciousness expends, you will then become aware of things that you were oblivious to before. For example, the ego thinking mind is the culprit of most thoughts running through your head, usually bringing up thoughts that are not particularly important. However, the higher self, or the soul, is the observer. Have you ever had a thought, then wondered who it is that is acknowledging the thought? If you answered yes, then you are most likely going through the stages of an awakening. The first stage or sign of an awakening is that you become aware of the thoughts you are having. You begin to question the thoughts in your own head like, “Why did I think that?” or “that was a strange thought” or even “that was in the past, why is that coming up in my thoughts now?” This is how we become the observer of our own thoughts, and becoming the observer, we can then control our emotions and eventually our actions. Once we become the observer, we will then have many of those “ah huh!” moments. Experiences from our past will become clear as to why certain situations had happened, and what you were to learn from it. That being said, this means experiences that you had labeled negative in the past will begin to come back to haunt you unfortunately.

Now that our consciousness has expanded, and we are awakening to our soul’s purpose, we can see every perspective of everything we had ever said, done, or thought. Meaning, aspects of yourself, and things you might have done while you were asleep might come back up because these situations need to be addressed now. This is what we call “the dark night of the soul” or “ego death” This horrible sounding stage is exactly what it sounds like. Sorry, there’s just no sugar coating this stage. One moment in your awakening you might feel amazing, and that everything is connected and beautiful. When in the next moment, you will feel the shame and regret from the past. This is your internal Ying and Yang balancing out. You need to make amends with the past, then move on so you can begin to expand more and learn. A spiritual awakening is not what it is cracked up to be, per say. It sounds nice, beautiful, and enlightening, and it is, but there are stages that just flat out suck, or it seems that way at first. Another stage is that as you expand and grow, your own personal aura, or energy source will begin to vibrate on a higher level. This means that you will most likely stop matching the vibration of others around you, and your friends, even if they are long time friends, will begin to walk away. This can be alarming at first, but rewarding later. The truth is, trying to explain spiritual aspects to someone who is still asleep is a waste of breath. They will not understand from your point of view, and you can’t force someone to understand. This understanding comes from the inside, and everyone learns at their own pace. You can’t force an awakening in another person, they will get there when their own soul is ready. Some won’t even awaken in this lifetime, but that is their path to walk. So, sometimes we need to leave them, and move on. However, when we release something that no longer serves us, spirit, or God, will send us exactly what we need at the time that we need it. For example, when I first had awakened, my friends started dropping like flies. We didn’t vibe nor understand each other anymore. In the beginning, I was a little upset, wondering if I would be able to connect with someone who was likeminded. Sure enough, spirit already had new things and people all lined up for me! Which brings me to another awakening stage. Trust. This is the ultimate trust fall, knowing in your heart and soul that spirit has everything planned out perfectly for you, the fortunate events, and what we label as the less fortunate situations. These are all dependent on how you personally view them. Nothing has to be bad, nor good. Just, experiences. That’s what we are here for, is the experience, and if we have the opportunity to help someone else along the way, then we should jump on it. When we get through the lower vibrational stages of the awakening, this is when we can begin to enjoy life, because the ego is basically giving up. This is the part where we feel the connection with everything, and everyone. We can then begin to understand others and the troubles they might be going through with a completely new perspective than we once had. This is unconditional love for others, and for yourself. We can begin to see every situation from a much higher view, and every possible point of view. Arguments become almost none existent because we can now understand where the other person is coming from rather than allowing the ego mind to step in and have that need to be correct about everything. However, there are many misconceptions of an awakening and the stages. Some people believe we awaken, we go through the stages, and that’s that, we are all finished. Sorry, not quite. In fact, far from that, and I can speak from experience. We awaken slowly, learning and seeing what we need to in each and every moment and stage. We go through the stages, but not in any particular order, and then we do it all over again. One person can go through one single stage multiple times, then start all over again. And, there is not just one awakening, there are many, upon many. Just when I thought I had learned a lot, I was awakened to more. This has become an inside joke with a few friends. When I figure something out, or get enlightened again, I will say something like, “oh, here we go again, another awakening”

This is just how it is, and it doesn’t stop at any particular point of time. To our soul, time does not exist, so you will constantly be learning, expanding, awakening, moving forward. There is no beginning, and there is no end. The soul is eternal. You will continue to evolve in this lifetime, then you will move onto the next, learning something completely new. This is what the soul strives for, but it is not looking for an ending, it is looking for expansion with the collective. The soul knows we are all in this together, and we will continue to expand just as the universe itself is always expanding and never ending. There is no single order the stages need to be, the soul will figure that part out for you. You just need to let it. Allow the soul some breathing room, and allow yourself to take in knowledge from the universe. If you open your mind to the idea that you are an infinite soul, then you are also allowing the concept of “spiritual gifts” to arise, because you realize and remember that you are a limitless being. These gifts can manifest as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and so on. We all have the ability to bring these gifts to the surface, you just need to be in touch with that side of yourself. Manifesting your reality becomes easier after an awakening, since you strongly begin to believe you ARE a soul in a human body, having a human experience, instead of being a human WITH a soul. Your intuition will become strong and on point in everything you do. Synchronicities will begin to pop up in your reality. This is the universe giving you a little nudge, letting you know that you’re right where you need to be. This can manifest into your personal reality as number sequences, like 1111, 444, 333, 777. Or certain phrases you might hear over and over. Or even in songs you hear on the radio. Have you ever heard a song, and it sent a strange feeling through you, almost as if it were played in that moment just for you? This is the universe delivering a message. These high vibrational messages can be sent in many ways by the universe, and by your own spirit guides to let you know they are there, and they are cheering for you. It can be a little weird when this happens, especially if the synchronicities are shoving certain names or numbers in your face all day long, but just remember this is the way spirit can get your attention. If this has started happening for you, then just take a moment to pause, and reflect on what you were thinking about in that moment, or even your surroundings. Sometimes spirit wants us to stop and soak in a moment, because there is something in the energy to take in. The energy that we all possess is high vibrational, powerful, and limitless. We literally hold the essence of the universe, or God, within us, we just forgot when we reincarnated here again this time around. What is a spiritual awakening? Exactly that. It is remembering who we are, why we are here, and where we came from. You are a soul, come here to experience what you can as a human this time. That’s why there is no right and wrong, good, or bad when it comes to the past that many will spend so much precious time dwelling on. You were meant to only learn from what you call mistakes, then move on. Remember, everything is for reason. Everything is for learning and expanding. Even you. You wouldn’t be here unless there was a great reason for it. The universe, or God, or spirit is far too intelligent to make a mistake like that, you have purpose, but the challenge is to recall what that purpose is. So, it’s on you to figure out why it is you are here, and a spiritual awakening can show you the way, even if that is in a million different ways.

. How do I do that? How do I just awaken you might ask? As I had said, you can’t force an awakening. However, you can help your own consciousness to expand. Become the observer. Learn to take in information but don’t label it as anything in particular. Sit with yourself in meditation, and feel who you really are on the inside. As humans, we can become distracted by every day life and the stresses we have in our reality. Learn to let go, not everything is as serious as you might think it is. Stop thinking so much, the ego mind feeds on your constant thinking and tries to use it against you by creating negative thoughts rather then the simple thought you might have had just to pay some bills. Over thinking will always lead to negative thoughts, one way or another. Live in the moment. Have you ever taken a moment to stop and smell the roses? There is a reason that is a well known statement. It is very much true. It means to slow life down a bit, we don’t need to rush to get anywhere. When we live in the fast lane, we might miss what’s right in front of us. Take a moment to watch the sunset, or sunrise. Listen to a river as it flows by in such a natural state. A river can teach us exactly that, the slow flow of life. Lie down in a field and watch the clouds float by. When you can learn to slow down, and quiet the mind, you can learn to awaken to the collective consciousness. Become more aware of your surroundings, and the natural nature around you. The trees will tell you a lot if you allow them. The hawk will tell you where he has been if you listen. Everything and everyone can be your teacher if you let them. Instead of disagreeing with someone’s point of view or opinion, take a moment to really listen to what they have to say before you tell them that they are wrong. Because in truth, there is no right or wrong opinions, there is only another’s personal reality, and in their reality, they are correct. Try putting yourself in another’s shoes, or in this case, another’s reality. If you practice just a few of these examples, you will begin to understand what it means to awaken. You will begin to understand the matrix. The only way out, is in. Go inside yourself, and your soul, which is you, will tell you the secrets of the universe. You would be surprised what you already know, it’s just lying dormant inside of you. It’s time to awake up and see the world the way we are meant to see it. See it through your third eye instead of the regular judgmental two eyes you have been looking through so far in life. When a spiritual awakening happens, you’ll know it, because you will think that you’re going crazy. Sometimes everything needs to fall away or apart in order to let new people, places, and situations come into your reality. You just need to be a little more openminded to recognize this. I hope this article could be of some help or was enjoyable. if anyone has questions or comments please don't ever hesitate to email me. Until next time, stay safe, stay true and don't forget to smile.

Sara Rose, spiritual coach

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