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Life after death:  By Sara Rose


This is one of the biggest questions we ask as humans, and the best kept secret. What happens when we die? Of course, there are many beliefs and opinions, but the fact is, we will not know personally what this transition means to us until it happens for us. There are several studies by many scientists and hypnotherapists who have researched this topic extensively, delving into passed life regression and even brain waves at the time of death. There are also few studies in which watch as a human body transitions from life to death, observing an orb, or ball of energy ascending out of the deceased, and then leaving the room. But is that enough to prove that there is some kind of life once our human body is finished here on earth? Some say yes, but many remain skeptical. Science might not ever be able to prove this 100%, so how can we gain some kind of peace of mind that our loved ones are still here with us in some way? Or even that when we in this generation die, there will be something else to look forward to?

This is indeed a touchy subject of conversation, so I would like to remind everyone that in these spiritual blog posts, the writings and thoughts are purely my own subjective opinions, and I do very much respect and understand the opinions of others and religions. If you are stuck on your own beliefs, then this article may not be suited for you.

To understand where we go once the human host has finished here on earth, we must first “inner stand” what exactly we are. Most believe we are human, and we have a soul. However, this concept is a little backwards. We are soul first, and we are living a human experience in this moment. A lifetime in a human body can seem lengthy, especially if we have endured a life of pain and sorrows. But to the soul, an infinite celestial being, this life is only a short blip compared to where it has been, and where it is going. If you can understand what a soul is, then you are just a little bit closer to understanding where we are heading next. The soul is pure energy, and energy cannot be created, nor destroyed. This is the “law of conservation” energy can only be transformed or transferred. With this concept in mind, and the soul being pure energy, then where do we go after death? In order to get the answer to this question, one must go inside oneself. Science cannot answer this question, not anytime soon, anyway. Because in my opinion, they are looking in all the wrong places. There are people on this earth who possess the ability to connect with those who have passed on. Some who are on the more famous spectrum would be: Sylvia Brown, Theresa Caputo, John Edward, Edgar Cayce, and most recently, and my personal favourite, Tyler Henry. All claiming that they could communicate with what we call “the other side”, thousands of people quickly became believers after a session with these unique individuals, myself included. However, my own experience with these psychic abilities goes a bit deeper than just becoming a fan. The ability to communicate with those who have passed on is something quite new to me, and for awhile I thought maybe I was going crazy 😉 This was something I am able to tune into, almost like a radio transmission in a way. This is just leaning into different frequencies, and new vibrations around me, and the others who can easily notice this energy. So how can this be done?

Consciousness. This is how these people can tap into the energy that is left behind by those who have passed over. Actually, there is no where to “pass over”, this is just a phrase we say when a loved one is no longer here with us. In reality, they have become consciousness, or in other words, back to our true form, the pure energy of the soul. The reason the loved one who has seemingly left cannot be seen or heard by most people, is because they are now vibrating on a higher plane of existence. In order to understand this, you must understand the soul. What it is, what it is capable of, and that there are no limits when it comes to this pure energy. Waking to consciousness is a phenomenon that has begun to pick up in numbers over the last decade or so and is increasing more and more all the time. Once you are consciously aware, and begin practicing this in your everyday life, making it more of a lifestyle, then these energies become more easily obtainable. Becoming consciously aware is the remembrance of who you truly are, the soul first before anything else. Becoming aware is to move the ego thinking mind to the side and seeing others and situations in a completely new way. The judgment falls away, and we can then communicate with our fellow man with more empathy and an open heart, rather than the radical thinking mind of the human side of who we are. There needs to be a harmonious balance between the two, soul and ego. Once you understand this, you can then begin to understand where we go once our human physical body is finished living out this experience. I like to use the metaphor that the universe is a vast ocean, and we are all tiny droplets, all expanding out from the same place or source. The soul knows we are all connected in this galactic web of possibilities, but the ego mind will keep us believing we are to be separated. Becoming aware will strip these beliefs away, and all other beliefs in fact. It is these beliefs and outdated conditionings that will help keep us separated as well, to the point of disagreement and insisting that one opinion is wrong from another. This disagreement can even start wars among our own fellow man. When you become aware, you are raising your vibration. When one raises in vibration, the entire collective begins to rise. What is my point? These higher vibrations are how you can understand, and even connect with other beings who vibrate on higher levels. Yes, your passed on loved ones. Or, even your very own spirit guides, your higher self (your soul) and much more. The people that I have listed in this article, the famous psychic mediums, and even myself, are not anymore special than you are. I know, and speak to other mediums, and although we are not the same when it comes to how this energy comes through, the concept is always similar. For instance, the well-known Tyler Henry will use paper and pen to connect, scribbling on his pad while messages come through so he can relay them to the client patiently waiting to hear from their passed loved one. Myself, I am an energy empath, and I can pick up the vibrations of the energy around me, including those we normally cannot see. I can then give my clients an accurate reading by transmuting this energy into human words that can be understood by the living. Other mediums have other ways these messages come through, but the point is, the messages come through. When you are able to vibrate on a similar level, like from where the messages are coming from, then you can begin to tune into the frequency. And there is nothing you can do on the outside in the physical world. This comes from a place on the inside; this comes from a place in the heart and soul.

Many of us speak, think, and act from our minds, where this cannot be thought up. This needs to be felt from the higher self, and the only way to find the higher self is to go within. As science blends more and more with spiritual, the sceptics will become less, and the collective will rise in vibration. Maybe one day we will all learn how to use what we call spiritual gifts to heal each other, maybe we will vibrate on such an elevated level that we will use telepathy to communicate with each other. It is a nice thought. Is there life after death? Yes. It is just not the way we might think it is from our human ego minds. Our loved ones might seem as if they are gone, but in reality, they never really left. They are here, they are there, they are actually everywhere because they are energy. Energy can transform, be transferred, and even exist in more places than one at the same time. This is actually proven in basic quantum physics. Meaning, your passed loved one’s energy could be out doing all kinds of things, then when you begin thinking of them, they come to be by your side for a moment before taking off again. Our thoughts are energy as well, in fact, they are the building blocks of manifesting your personal reality. So, when you send out that energy of thinking of the loved one, they can feel it. Sometimes, you can feel it as well. There are thousands of reports of people swearing that their passed loved one has come to visit them because they had a feeling, or a very vivid dream. Our passed loved ones are around more than we know, we just need to tap into their energy. There are ways to tap into this energy and raise your vibration if this is something you are interested in trying. Meditation is great for understanding our higher self and quieting the overthinking mind. Nature is also a great teacher of silence, showing us that the more we can be still, the more we can learn. Water can cleanse the chakra system and cleanse any negative energy you might be holding onto, causing a block to higher frequencies. Reiki healings can balance out internal energy and realign the chakras, getting everything flowing nicely. Believing. Believing that the universe will provide you with everything you need, and help you raise your energy if you will give it a chance.

These spiritual practices require an open mind, and a willingness to connect with everyone and everything. “I am you. You are me. We are one” this is one of my personal favourite quotes. Until you can connect with your fellow man and understand everyone without ridicule, judgment, hate, disagreement, and dishonesty, then you will not rise in consciousness. Try to put yourself in another’s situation. Try to feel what they are experiencing, and the energy that emits from this. The issue I hear of the most is the increase in homeless, and how they are less then. How can one say they are less then? We are one. If one is struggling, then we will all struggle. Once we can understand this, then you can begin to fix these issues. When we point the finger and say that people are of no worth because they are on drugs and did it to themselves, then we are saying that humans have no worth, and that is such a negative energy to put out into this world that is already suffering enough. When we label others this way, we are reacting from the ego thinking mind and forgetting that there are reasons some people fall into toxic habits. We need to lift each other, not tear them down further than they have already fallen. Put yourself in their shoes, just for one day. Try thinking from your heart space, rather from that ego who loves to judge and start unnecessary problems. Remember, everything is energy. Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. If we can keep them in a high vibrational, or positive state, then we can begin to see the shift in the world that we so desperately need. So, in conclusion, is there life after death? Of course, there is. Energy cannot be destroyed, especially energy that is as powerful as a soul. It just transforms to consciousness. I hope this article could be of some help or was an enjoyable read. Until next time, stay safe, stay true, and don’t forget to smile. 

Light a candle for the ones who have moved on to a higher plane, but remember, they have not gone far. When you're missing someone who has gone from their human body, just talk to them, they can hear you 😊

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