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By Sara Rose

Good evening everyone. I apologize for the late post, but I was away for a few days this week. I hope you enjoy this week's blog post, and I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Summer Solstice!!

As humans, we can become attached to people, places, situations, and objects. There is nothing wrong with holding onto a keepsake or two, but when we begin to horde items that are not necessarily beneficial to our very being, then this can cause issues in our energy field. If we are holding onto people in which we might already know that they are not benefiting our lives, then this can cause a buildup of suppressed emotions. For instance, if you have noticed that a few of your friends are draining your energy when you are around them lately as apposed to raising your energy vibration, then it might be time to let those people go. I know what you’re going to say, “but I’ve known them for years!” And my answer to that is, SO WHAT? Just because you have known someone for years, does not mean you are obligated to keep them in your energy space if they are causing toxic emotions. People come and go from your reality all the time, that’s the way it’s meant to be, and for good reason! Every single person who has come into your reality, and I mean every person, right down to the person you accidentally bumped into at the store, apologized for the inconvenience, then moved on with your day, was for a very specific reason. Everyone in your reality is meant to teach you something or show you aspects of yourself. It is your soul’s way of getting your attention. Are you listening? When it comes to people who have been in our lives for a long time, and then we suddenly feel as if we no longer vibe with them, it’s because you literally don’t vibe with them. You have learned all that you can from this person, and feeling as if you’re drifting apart is a clear sign from your soul that it is time to let that person go. If they are only causing you stress, anxiety, boredom, or you don’t seem to share the same interests anymore, then this can cause toxic patterns to arise within you. You might begin to feel triggered around them, or frustration because you feel they don’t understand you. This is because you have ascended, and it’s time to LET GO! When we let go, we are creating space for something new to come into our reality, something or someone who will match your new vibration. It is the same concept when it comes to items around your house, and emotions we keep built up inside.

Purging on the inside is just as important as letting go of material items on the outside reality as well. Sometimes we can bottle up emotions from past events, such as: grief, regret, shame, and even holding grudges. These are extremely heavy and negative emotions to hold onto and can ultimately create a toxic space inside our inner world if we don’t find a way to release them. We cannot change the past, so why dwell on it? If we do, we are missing out on the here and now moments. Letting go of some of these emotions can be quite difficult, especially grief and grudges. Losing someone close to us can be heart crushing and leave us in a toxic state as we refer to as grief. Of course we will take the time needed to reflex on that person, but at some point we will need to let it go. If we don’t we will be carrying this weight around and put ourselves and others around us in danger. When these heavy emotions attach to us on the inside, they can create mental illnesses, or physical illnesses, such as: depression, social anxiety, bi-polar and schizophrenia. Studies have also shown that a physical body under constant stress or other heavy emotions can activate cancer cells. This is why keeping the physical body clean of any toxins, whether that be toxic emotions or toxic substances from our environment is very important. There are of course many ways in which we can clean these toxic emotions and thoughts from the ego, but finding what works best for you personally is what will help this process along. Some might find a professional to speak to, or a group therapy session. Talking to others, especially if they have experienced similar life circumstances can help clear out pent up emotions about the situation.

Spiritual healing sessions such as: Reiki healing, sound therapy, pranic healing, float tanks and certain massages can also help release emotions that have been suck or blocking energy points. Even getting a tarot card reading or mediumship can help gain some kind of clarity towards the situation and let it go to move on. When it comes to grudges, we need to learn to accept what has happened, and forgive. Trust me, I know how difficult this can be, especially if we feel that someone has done us extremely wrong. However, let me explain it to you this way. If another person has done something to you, whether that be recent, or years in the past, ask yourself this question. Do you think they are sitting around dwelling on what they had done? Probably not. So, why should you? And even if they are in regret, that is on them, not you. So, the emotions you are holding onto about the situation are not helping anyone. It is best to let it go. Even if you can’t speak to the person to say what you need to, you can forgive them while in meditation or personal reflection. Just forgive. Remember, some people are still thinking and acting from an ego thinking mind. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do” ~ Jesus

This was the last words of Jesus before he died on the cross. And, it doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, it is the message that matters. People do things and say things out of their own pent-up emotions. If you can realize this, and forgive, then you are the one who has ascended, once again. Whatever someone has done to you, will come back around to them. This is how the universe works, and where the word karma came from. But you can clear your own! This is the same concept with shame. Sometimes we are the ones who have done something to others, or maybe said something we shouldn’t have when we were in an ego thinking mind. I know I have. If we cannot apologize to someone for what we have said or done out of ego or fear-based thoughts, then we can apologize to ourselves. This can be done as a small and quick ritual by lighting a candle, calling in your spirit guides and putting out the intentions that you wish to deeply apologize for any words or actions that may have caused harm to others while you were in ego. We need to remember that everyone and every experience in our reality is merely a reflection of yourself and your inner world. If others have done us wrong, then maybe we need to take a good look at ourselves and reflex on the way we treat others. Even if you are a nice person, per say. Do you find yourself judging others for small silly things? Things such as: what they might be wearing, belief systems they have, or their opinions?

“Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge” ~ Wilson Kanadi

Everyone is a reflection or a lesion. If we pay close attention, everything around us is a teacher.

We can use the same concepts when it comes to clearing out physical items as well. With springtime coming quickly, this is a great opportunity to purge out some unnecessary items lying around the house! If you’re are not sure which items you would or could part with, I have a simple rules I use at my home. Go into each room and put some items into a box. These are usually items in which you don’t use, pick up, or even glance at often, but maybe you have become attached to. Once they are in a box, put the box somewhere out of sight, maybe in a storage closet, or the basement. Somewhere that you won’t come across it again for some time. Now, if the box is still there six months later, and you didn’t NEED anything from the box, then I think it is safe to say that you no longer NEED those items, and it is time to LET THEM GO! When clearing space, whether on the inside or outside, this allows the universe more room to work with when you’re trying to manifest new things, people, and places into your reality. Making space can create a feeling of relief, as if a weight has been lifted, and can help bring in new insight. When we purge material items, we are showing the universe that we have no attachment, and that we are ready for the next chapter of life. It can open up new creative sparks, inspirations and lead you to what your soul is most passionate about. Sounds crazy, I know, but it really does work. And, it can give you the satisfaction of a clean and more organized space of energy around you! So, pack up those old knickknacks  lying around, and try replacing them with a plant or two! You will notice the shift in energy right away! What are you waiting for? Start purging!

I hope these tips on clearing space were helpful! Until next time, stay safe, stay true, and don't forget to smile.

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