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Energy Healing

By Sara Rose

Hello beautiful souls. I hope everyone is doing well. I would like to remind everyone that these blog posts are of my own personal opinions, and I would never try to steer anyone in the wrong direction or path. This is your journey to explore. I'm also NOT claiming to be a doctor by any means, so if you're having a medical issue, and you feel you need to be check by a doctor, then please do so. Always use your own intuition, it will guide you to what is best for you and your wellbeing. That being said, let's get into this week's post. If you're enjoying these posts, and want more, you can sign up for my biweekly newsletter by joining the spiritual team at the bottom of the homepage on this website. Take care for now folks!

Everything, including humans, is made of energy. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. This energy comes from the inside and emits outward in the same way the energy field around our planet Earth works. We call our energy fields auras. Everything that is made of energy, has an aura, and some people can see this energy emitting from others. Plants, trees, animals, and even the four elements carry an aura. (Water, earth, air, fire.) Your own personal aura will vary in colour, or colours, depending on many aspects of the human body, and even your state of mind and spiritual wellbeing. The 7 main chakras in the body are energy points that are constantly radiating vibrations, and can determine our spiritual state, plus add to the colour you’re emitting on the outside. Your aura can emit multiple colours, just as the earth does. That’s because our beautiful planet has many points of energy that it’s pushing outward at all times. This is what we call the Ionosphere, and magnetosphere, Earths magnetic field, or also known as the geomagnetic field. The magnetic field around Earth is there to protect the planet from the sun’s radiation and space debris and dust. The aura around humans, plants and animals works in a similar way. Our aura is there to protect us as well, but in a slightly different way, since we don’t really need to be concerned about space particles. The aura around humans is there to defend us against any low vibrational or negative energy that might come towards us. The aura will also trigger the nervous system if something negative has come into our space, and set off our intuition, giving us a warning in some way. This warning might be different for everyone, but many will report getting a feeling in the stomach area. A lot of people will ignore this feeling and end up in a negative situation, and the more we ignore this, the more our intuition will become weak, along with the aura as well. Just as the earth has the North and South poles, our bodies have the crown chakra, and the root chakra acting as our poles to radiate the energy from top to bottom in a perfect flow.

The human body may be made up of many parts and organs, but we are energy first and foremost. If we’re energy, and energy can not be destroyed, then can our energy heal our human bodies? The short answer to this question is yes. The energy points inside of us vibrate so powerful that the energy can actually heal anything in the human body. Yes, anything, in a sense. We are constantly vibrating on different levels of reality at all times, and every second that ticks by you’re shifting through parallel realities. With your state of mind and thoughts, you’re subconsciously choosing the reality that best suits what you need, think, and want. If you wish to be in a healthy state, then you need to vibrate on the level where you’re a healthy version of yourself. This method of healing is called Pranic healing. So I think, so I feel, so I act. You basically become and shift the reality around you, and in a sense, train your subconscious mind to believe you’re well. This is, of course, not scientifically proven yet. However, there have been multiple cases of people reporting being healed completely after working with a Pranic healer. And I’m not talking about the common cold here. There have been cases of cancers, even stage 4 cancers, brain tumors, Parkinson’s, MS, and many other terminal, or lifetime medical issues that where healed by using our own energy and shifting the mindset and reality around you. There are reports of people who were in horrible accidents and were told by doctors that they wouldn’t walk again, but against all odds, they did, and this remarkable recovery didn’t have anything to do with pharmaceuticals or doctors. This was accomplished by using energy only.  The divine or universal energy in which runs through every one of us. We are powerful celestial beings who come from the energy source itself, and we are capable of more than we think, we have just forgotten how to tap into this energy, healing energy. Or you could call it the God energy in all of us. We are energy first, then human, but so many people believe the opposite, causing a life of unbalanced energy points. When our chakras are out of balance, this can cause symptoms within the physical body, and a lot of the time these symptoms will never lead to a diagnosis because there is nothing for a doctor to find. The issue is within the energy system and cannot be detected by physicians. The same concept applies when we are going through a spiritual shift or ascending to a higher level of vibration or consciousness. We can experience an array of symptoms such as: headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, weakness, and even dizziness, or vertigo. Each energy point, or chakra point maintains certain parts of the physical body, and if energy is blocked, flowing slowly, or even flowing too much, then issues can arise. For instance, if the solar plexus chakra is blocked, we can experience digestive issues, stomach bloating, and our self esteem will take a great hit. That’s because this energy point controls the stomach area and our self confidence. An example of an energy point flowing too quickly can be the throat chakra, where we might say more than necessary. Sometimes it is best to say quiet and not state our opinion in some situations, but if this chakra is out of balance, then you might experience what is sometimes called verbal diarrhea. Another example is the lower chakras, like the sacral, which would result in egotistic behaviors.

Most people won’t learn about energy healing until they themselves have been put into a position or situation where there are not many options left to discover. Meaning, most will be at a “I’ll try anything” state when they begin researching this method of healing. However, there are so many tools we can use to keep a healthy balance of energy before illnesses even arise. Reiki energy healing has been around for hundreds of years and is a wonderful tool to detect and heal energies within the physical body that could be out of sorts. The reiki practitioner is well trained to use a universal energy that we are all capable of tapping into, along with a great sense of intuition to detect any energy that might be unbalanced. It has actually been reported that reiki practitioners have been able to detect early onsets of cancers and other serious medical complications. Visiting a reiki practitioner regularly can help to keep the energy points balanced and could even help detect any medical issues that might arise in the physical body that may not be so visible to yourself or even your doctor. Sometimes there are little to no symptoms when it comes to certain health issues, until it might be too late. Reiki and Pranic healing are just two ways you can keep your energy balanced, but mostly we can take care of our energy on our own. Meditation is a great way to keep check of our energy and could even detect if there is a problem. Practicing meditation could take some time but can be extremely beneficial once you get the hang of it. In this state, we can disconnect from the overly thinking mind, and connect to our higher self, or the soul. Once we have quieted the overly thinking ego mind, then we can listen to what our bodies and energy system is trying to tell us. This also works when it comes to emotional healing within. Visualisation of the chakra system while in a meditative state could reveal any slow moving or blocked energy points that would need clearing. Taking cleansing and or spiritual baths can also help to clear out negative energy you might have picked up throughout the day or help get things back into a balanced state. Healing crystals are another way to balance out the energy point within. If you find that you’re lacking in a certain area, such as self confidence, then carrying a healing crystal that matches that frequency can help with an energy boost. In this case, of self confidence, a yellow citrine crystal might come in handy. You could simply carry it with you to help with the blocked or slow-moving chakra. Burning certain incense and performing a good smudging with white sage or Palo Santo wood can also help to balance out energies on the outside, and within the physical body. Staying aware and maintaining a positive mindset can help keep your energy running smoothly as well. Our thoughts are energy, and they are more powerful than most people might think. When we can keep our mind clear and balanced with positive thoughts, we’re helping to keep our entire aura healthy and happy. The happier the aura, the further it will stretch out, keeping a strong protection around us. Connecting with nature can give your energy points a little boost as well. We are nature, and when put into our natural state, we can find balance among plants and trees. It has actually been proven that trees can help raise your energy levels when you’re in direct contact. So, next time you’re out in nature, give a tree a hug, they will help to cleanse your aura with their own extremely powerful auras. This is another great way to connect with your higher self, and the higher self can show you a lot, but you need to be in tune and listen from a different perspective. This is not a listening from our physical ears, this is a deep inner standing of our own energy field and how it works, how we can use it to benefit us in everyday life. You have a great force field around you, and we should always be mindful of that, and how we can keep this energy field strong and healthy.

I hope this article could be of some help or was at least an enjoyable read. Until next time, stay safe, stay true, and don’t forget to smile.

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