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An Earthly Experience

By Sara Rose

Please keep in mind that these blog posts are my own personal opinions, and not meant to offend anyone. Remember, you can simply choose not to read them.

“Earth is the most difficult place to incarnate” This statement was made famous by Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist, and past life regressionist. Dolores spent nearly fifty years on an incredible journey of researching where we go after this life, and where we have been before. After studying thousands of clients while under hypnosis, Cannon’s conclusion was that we as soul’s absolutely live on after our human body if finished here on earth. So, where do we go? Just as C.S. Lewis had quoted, “You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body” We are indeed soul first, then body, then human mind. To understand this, we must first realize exactly what a soul is. There are, of course, many different beliefs, and they are all correct to some sense. Many believe in God. Some believe in multiple Gods and Goddesses. Some believe in only science, and the evolution of man. And some believe in nature or spirit. I won’t get into the specifics of these in this article, however, I will say that none of them are completely correct, and none are completely incorrect. Yup, I said it, and I’ll explain why I say this.  Each and every one of us are here right now living our very own personal experience. Meaning, the reality that you personally create around you, is just for you. You have your own opinions, thoughts, theories, and beliefs. Someone else might come along and set into your reality one day and tell you that what you believe is wrong. This does not mean that their opinion is right, it means this is what they have personally create in their very own personal reality. This is where opinion can most of the time turn into disagreement, and they ultimately separation. Our egoic nature has us wanting to prove the other wrong, just so we can be the one who is correct. We see this concept played out in religions, one of the separating theories.

That’s truly what religion is. It is each opinion or interpretation of the written bible. Which is fine, but which one is correct? In my personal opinion, none of them are 100% correct, and none of them are 100% incorrect. Your reality is made up of your own thoughts, therefor what you focus your beliefs on, is what you will come to believe. Our thoughts create it all, everything from the very beginning of an incarnation. This is what shapes the reality you will grow up and live in. Of course, this is altered by your upbringing, and circumstances created by the subconscious, but your thoughts are the initial fuel. Thoughts are intentions that hold an immense about of energy and are the building blocks of each and every reality, this is why they look different and have opinions. So, where did this all begin? Let’s start with the soul. The soul is pure energy, more so than anything man has ever seen or created here on earth. “Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed” This is known in the science world as “The law of thermodynamics” Or “the law of conservation energy” It has been proven as one of our “laws” of the universe that energy can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. This concept is quite amazing if you think about it, especially when it come to our own soul. We are a very high vibration of pure energy, and we are capable of putting that essence into the human body, and or other beings! That’s fascinating to me and was one of the reasons I delved into this topic of discussion. But what does all this mean? Within Dolores’s findings, and many other researcher’s, and even within my own intuition and experiences with what we call “the other side” I can safely say that the energy of the soul lives on once the human body is finished here. Or, what we call death. When the human body dies, we then become consciousness, or go back to pure soul energy. Consciousness is all. It is everyone, everything, all connecting in a universal web together. So when that energy leaves the human body behind, it can then see everything, and everyone, including its own life span. The soul will begin to understand life and everything they were meant to learn in life when there is no longer a human thinking ego there to distract. The soul will take a period of what we call time and reflect on the lessons they wanted to experience while living in a human vessel. Then, they will do it all over again, with new intentions and lessons lined up. One single soul will incarnate over and over, probably more than we can fathom. Dolores found in her many years of research that when people are put under hypnosis, they can recall past lives, and even heal past traumas. I personally was under hypnosis and could recall a few of the lives in which my soul had experienced previous to this lifetime here and now. This process will be repeated many times so that the soul can experience life in a new perceptive each time around. I personally believe that the soul will take a much-needed rest in between incarnations. It seemed to me that when I was under hypnosis and asked to talk about other lives that I have lived, the time span between each life was quite large. One was 1112, another was 1415, and another in 1800. I believe the soul takes this time to plan out the next journey carefully, strategically laying out each lesson and experience needed for the trip ahead. Although, to a soul, or energy, time does not exist. So really, there is no time in between. Some theories suggest that every lifetime our soul experiences is actually all happening at once, because in the realm where the soul resides, there is no time. In the higher dimensions, time is irrelevant. It was made up by man to keep track of significant events in history.

Either way, the soul will then decide what is next. The soul chooses who they will be, who their parents will be, their siblings, their friends, their romantic partners, their kids, and so on. This was all decided before the soul is born again as a baby, mapping out a new adventure with new experiences than the next time around. Some will choose a more painful life experience, some will loss, some with gain, some with many challenges. Maybe in the last life you experienced what it was like to come from a very wealthy family, and now this time it will be the opposite. The soul’s main goal is to learn, grow, expand, and ascend from the last trip down to earth. Some may choose to become a creature as small as an ant, then decide to come here again as an elephant. No matter what your soul decides, it is for precise reason, and the soul know exactly why, even if you don’t know. That’s the way it is meant to be. If you knew the lessons you were meant to learn, then it wouldn’t be much of an experience, now would it? Each soul is unique and each comes from source from the collective. The never-ending consciousness is connected to everything not only on this planet, but throughout the entire universe that is also infinite. A tree is connected to the grass, is connected to the wildflowers, is connected to the animals who eat from the plants, is connected to the humans who walk the earth. It is all one big network that is quantumly entangled through energy, and everything is equal. It’s the human ego thinking mind in which separates us, putting other living things into categories and saying they are less than. Humans think they are the intelligence of this planet, but I would have to disagree. Spiritual teacher, Teal Swan mentions that fungus is the most intelligent species on planet earth. Fungus holds a state of connectivity within the web of earth that is unmatched, and it holds its connection to none physical, so it’s a bridge being. Fungus is more fundamentally connected to what is beyond the avatar experience. Humans are just the dominant species on this planet. While under hypnosis, it has been reported that people can vaguely remember experiencing something like this, something so connected that it was inhumanly profound. In my opinion, and many other researchers, this was experienced as a being such as a tree, or fungus, or even grass. These beings are highly connected to source, and to each other. Some have even reported the remembrance of incarnating as an animal, carry certain aspects of that animal with them into the human life. I personally have a strong connection with wolves. Perhaps I was one in another life and some part of that experience is still within my soul essence.

So if Dolorse’s students are correct, and earth is the most difficult place to incarnate, then why would we choose to come here as a human? Why would we want to feel the emotions that come along with being a human? For that exactly. Emotions. To feel loss. Pain. Attachment. Letting go. Fear and learning how to rise above it. But most of all, love. Love is the most high vibrational energy in the universe, and to experience what unconditional love is, makes the entire trip to earth worth it. A human experience can’t be that bad. After all, we come back again, and again, knowing that we could get hurt, or feel pain, or loss, or live a lifetime of difficult challenges. We come back again and again, knowing that our time here in the human body is limited. We know that we’re going to die again, yet here we are again, for who knows which time this one is. The soul is limitless, powerful, infinite, all knowing, but it wants…no, strives to feel what it’s like to experience everything it possibly can. If you were asked, “hey, would you like to go to earth and experience every emotion possible, pain, pleasure, heartache, love, loss, gain, just for a very short time, would you want to do that?” Yes, of course you would. Remembering we are here for the experience is where humans get confused. The issues, challenges, and situations can become overwhelming and we can forget that these obstacles are not as significant as we make them out to be. We are here for a short time, then maybe come back again as a tree. Therefore, the struggles as a human won’t seem as horrible as the mind made it out to be. I’m not saying that what a person is going through is not important, because sure it is, it’s most likely a part of the lesson you wanted to learn in the first place. There are things in life like loss, but we have to remember, it is the experience that we came for. You don’t want to spend the entire time you’re here in a state of grief, regret, or shame. Don’t worry, you’ll be coming back to try again anyway 😉 

All I’m saying is to try to enjoy your time here, even if your soul has chosen a challenging path this time around. Remember, there must be something you’re to gain or expand from the experience, no matter how hard it seems. There is always guidance out there from our spirit team, the universe, and the entire consciousness you’re highly connected to. There is a reason you’re here, and it is to be the best possible version of yourself you can be, in the short time that we’re here. “The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self” ~ Dalai Lama

I will leave this article at that, and I hope this was helpful or enjoyable to you guys. If anyone has any questions please don’t ever hesitate to ask! Until next time, stay safe, stay true, and don’t forget to smile. After all, we’re only here for a very short time.

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