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Welcome to the website of Sara Rose, spiritual coach, reiki healer, tarot reader and intuitive medium! Here you will find information about the services that Sara Rose offers, how to book a session, the gift shop, and so much more! Have a peek around, and don't forget to subscribe for amazing deals and Sara's bi-weekly newsletter!

YOU are creation

See it

Believe it

Be it

~Sara Rose

Healing Therapy

Sara Rose has one main goal, and that is to help others find their own spiritual path. Using the tools in which were gifted to her during her own expansion, whether that be through tarot cards, reiki healings or mediumship, she strives to encourage others to open up in a way in which is essentially for the greatest good of her client's higher self, or the soul.

Healing Services Available 


Tarot Card Deck


Sara Rose has a unique style of reading the tarot cards. Being she is an energy empath, she uses this to read the energy of each card presented, and the energy of the person receiving the reading, creating an accurate and personal experience for each and every client!

Energy Healing


Reiki healings are done in a private setting to be sure the client is completely relaxed and comfortable. This healing can be done by touch, or hovering the hands just inches above the client to get the energy moving from each point in the physical body!

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When our consciousness begins to expand, and we experience what can be called a "spiritual awakening" this can cause us to develop inner emotions, such as: confusion, frustration, fear, anxiety, and depression. Spiritual coaching teaches the client the tools that are necessary to get through this stage!

Rose Flower


Sara Rose strives to provide accurate, impowering and beneficial information to each and every client, whether this be through a card reading, mediumship, reiki or coaching, the clients best interest is always at heart! The feedback she receives is important to her, and can help developed a strong connection to the collective, and the needs of each client individually! Here are some client reviews:   


"I highly recommend Sara Rose's services! Not only was her tarot reading very accurate but her spiritual guidance has helped me through some hard times and helped me to understand what it means to be spiritual." 

Misty Leies 

"My tarot reading with Sara Rose was incredibly insightful. Sara skillfully interpreted the cards, offering deep and meaningful insights to my life. I left the session with a sense of clarity and renewed perspective. I highly recommend Sara Rose for those seeking guidance." 

Jacob Horner

"Sara Rose has helped me a lot with understanding how deep and powerful my spiritual gifts truly are and that has helped me immensely. I highly recommend booking a session with Sara Rose! Her tarot readings are also so incredibly accurate! 10/10"

Sue Gunnell

"Sara Rose is a beautiful soul and having had several reiki sessions with her, I come away each time with a sense of calm and peace. Thank you Sara for sharing your gifts with us!"

Chas Danielson

"I really enjoyed my tarot reading with Sara. She was very accurate and thorough in the reading and her guidance/wisdom after the reading was much needed. Thank you!"

Image by Nihal Demirci Erenay


Namaste, beautiful souls. Welcome to your weekly collective tarot reading. Please do remember to only take what resonates with you, and discard the rest. Tarot readings are meant to be fun, and only deliver positive insight towards the week ahead. Thank you for stopping in, and be sure to come back next Saturday for another collective reading!


I was guided to use the Supernatural (TV show) deck this week, so this message could be for someone who is a fan of the show or even likes supernatural content. 

Seven of Blades

This card holds a bit of a sneaky energy to it, or someone who feels as if they need to be strategic right now. You might be trying to get away with something, hoping to remain undetected. However, this type of energy doesn't usually stay hidden for long. People around you will begin to notice something is off, and they will start to question your sneaky energy. Maybe you feel as if you should keep something to yourself for now, and sometimes it is wise not to tell others what you're planning. But, are your intentions positive or negative? Sometimes it is best to show the real you and what you're up to, instead of keeping secrets from those who are close to us. The seven of swords is Aquarius energy.

King of Blades

This king is smart, cunning, and knows how to put things into action. He knows what he wants, what he needs to get there, and has figured out the perfect strategy to do it all. However, this king can be a bit stubborn, one track minded, and sometimes a bit selfish. He can sometimes swing his sword at people in order to get what he wants or needs, and not even realize that he has hurt his loved ones to get where he's going. This is not usually intentional, just driven by a strong need to get the job done no matter what, even if he needs to be a little sneaky to do so. The king of swords is Libra energy.

The Devil


The devil card is an indication of falling back into toxic patterns or habits. This can be subsenses, toxic people, places, or even a toxic mindset. Remaining authentic, honest, and true to who you are and others could be something you're working on, but there's a reason why we use the analogy of the little devil on one shoulder, and the angel on the other. Falling back into old patterns is easy because it's familiar and more comfortable than trying to make changes. It's okay if you find yourself being pulled back into toxic situations, we are only human, and this is how we learn important lessons. Take a step back, and try again. After correcting the pattern so many times, the subconscious will have no choice but to make the changes you need. The devil is Capricorn energy.



Whatever it is that you're trying to hide, it is most likely best to bring the truth to light. Not only will people find out that you're keeping something from them, but you're risking your trust with others by sneaking around. Stop being so stubborn and ask for help, talk to someone, or let others know what's going on. You don't have to deal with everything on your own, and it's okay to put your sword down sometimes. 



I feel like that stubborn aspect is the toxic pattern in this situation. Maybe you're trying to do everything yourself and not telling your loved ones that you're going through a difficult time. There's nothing wrong with asking others for help when you feel overwhelmed with life. The king of blades can be defensive and standoffish, but maybe it's time to let your guard down and allow others in so that you don't get caught up in old patterns that you don't need anymore. 

 That is your collective reading for this up coming week, June 15th- June 21st. A new reading will be posted next Saturday. Until then, stay safe, stay true, and don’t forget to smile!

Aroma Incense


The wonderful, and talented Diane Berkeley from "Readings By Diane" is hosting an incredible workshop.

Tap into your own magic! 

In this workshop you will learn how to open up, and use the gifts that are already naturally inside of you. You will discover each clair sense, and how to use them to strengthen your own intuition. Workshop will take place in person, on June 22 @ 6pm. Spots are filling quickly, and there is limited space, so if you're interested then sign up ASAP!

For more info or to sign up, click the green email button!




*Feedback from workshop*


“I took this class with Diane, and couldn’t believe the results! I was 💯 satisfied, and would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to use these unique skills!”

~Sara Giles

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